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62 Percent Of Shoppers That Struggle With UI Abandon Their Shopping Cart

62 Percent Of Shoppers That Struggle With UI Abandon Their Shopping Cart

62 Percent Of Shoppers That Struggle With UI Abandon Their Shopping Cart

While merchants are seeing a growing share of consumers turning to digital channels for their day-to-day shopping needs, they have done little to improve their shopping experiences. 

A recent survey by goMoxie found that 40 percent of consumers struggle to perform simple tasks on retail websites. This friction tends to cost merchants big, with 62 percent of consumers that struggle to complete a transaction online abandoning their shopping cart altogether. 

While a range of checkout features can impact the ease and seemliness consumers expect, the experience delivered by online merchants is particularly unappetizing for younger generations. The survey revealed that 46 percent of Gen Z consumers, 41 percent of millennials and 40 percent of Gen X consumers have struggled to complete a recent online transaction. In contrast, only a third of baby boomers say the same. 

Few of these consumers are likely to reach out to the retailer if they need help and the bulk of them would instead shop with another website. The survey findings show that slightly more than a quarter (26 percent) reached out to customer support when challenged with a problem. In contrast, the majority (52 percent) abandoned the transaction to shop with another merchant. 

“Consumers should not have to struggle to do business online. Unfortunately, many do and they end up leaving,” goMoxie CEO Rebecca Ward said in a statement. 

With the holiday season approaching, merchants would be wise to improve on their shopping experience and design it to cater to consumers’ unique needs and expectations from different age brackets. Those that fail to step up can expect to lose their sales to other players in the space.

“We’ve already seen retail customer interaction volumes more than double year-over-year in advance of the peak holiday shopping season. Retailers should be taking steps now to guide every customer to success in order to increase transactions, strengthen satisfaction and make the most of the sales opportunities over the 2020 holiday season and beyond,” Ward added.

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