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Supreme’s $2M T-Shirt Collection Goes For Sale At Christie’s

Supreme’s $2M T-Shirt Collection Goes For Sale At Christie’s

Supreme's $2M T-Shirt Collection Goes For Sale At Christie's

Auction house Christie’s is selling a complete collection of Supreme T-shirts for $2 million, with each shirt valued at a stunning $7,900. The collection, which includes 253 shirts, is the only known complete set of Supreme’s box-logo T-shirts, which were first released in 1994.

The collection is being sold by a Canadian fashion student named James Bogart, who started buying Supreme shirts at the age of 14. The Vancouver resident made it his goal to have a complete archive of every single one of 241 designs that have been put out by Supreme, as well the 12 T-shirts that were either “friends and family” designs or were mere samples, according to CNBC.

“My passion sort of transformed,” Bogart said. “Eventually, I figured, hey, I can go for something no one else has ever completed.”

Finding the early shirt was the hardest part for the 21-year-old as the brand tends to release limited collections on its site, which can be as small as 50 to 150 units. Bogart was able to acquire a rare Christmas-colored T-shirt from another collector in London. Another rare T-shirt that Bogart has in his collection features Arabic lettering.

Over the years, Supreme has made a name for itself with its low commodity-high demand model and has a growing recognition and demand among collectors around the world. 

“Supreme has been a mainstay,” Bogart said. “They’ve been at the forefront of defining culture really. The easiest way to sort of define the value of this collection is the fact that it is the pumping heart of the brand, it is something that will always be a very significant cultural symbol.”

Just last year, another collection of 248 Supreme skateboard decks, including one that depicted the central portion of Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper,” was auctioned at Sotheby’s for $800,000.  

Bogart’s T-shirt collection is being sold by Christie’s as a private sale and it is the first-ever auction dedicated to Supreme, which has fast become a global streetwear sensation. 

The auction called “Behind the Box: 1994-2020” was opened for bidding on Tuesday and is planned to run until December 15.

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