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11 Percent Of Americans Now Subscribing To Walmart+

11 Percent Of Americans Now Subscribing To Walmart+

New Study Reveals Just How Many U.S. Shoppers Actually Signed Up For Walmart+

With all kinds of delays holding back the rollout of the membership service, Walmart finally announced the launch of Walmart+ last month. Behind the product launch also came a pretty healthy marketing budget. And now the results of the company’s labor are in.

According to a new survey finding, 11 percent of Americans signed up for the service within the first two weeks of the launch of Walmart’s subscription service.

The survey was conducted nationally by research platform Piplsay and was based on a sample of more than 20,000 consumers representative of the U.S. population at large. Survey findings suggest that 53 percent of consumers have heard of the Walmart+ service, with 27 percent indicating that they would be subscribing soon. Still, roughly 47 percent said they had never heard of the offering.

The subscription plan currently costs slightly less than Amazon Prime at $98 a year or $12.95 a month and it enables shoppers to get unlimited free deliveries for more than 16,000 items, including groceries from all of its 4,700 brick and mortar stores, along with other perks.

Walmart’s Chief Customer Officer Janey Whiteside originally pitched the subscription service as a “life hack,” aiming to help families save money and make the shopping experience more seamless. 

While Moody’s vice president and senior credit officer Charlie O’Shea rightfully said that it would be unfair to compare the two subscription plans because they are essentially two different offerings at heart, results from the survey indicate that Amazon Prime may have a new competitor to watch out for. Forty-five percent of Walmart+ subscribers also hold a Prime account with 19 percent of those making the shift toward Walmart+ from Prime. Roughly 38 percent believe the new service is a threat to Prime.

The subscription offering is just one of several initiatives Walmart is embarking on in an effort to evolve its overall shopping experience. The company is also working on revamping its in-store experience. Just last week, the company revealed its plans to create an airport like shopping experience in its physical store locations.

“The design creates an elevated experience that appeals to shoppers through a sleek design aesthetic, a layout that spotlights products and an end-to-end digital navigation that guides customers throughout their journeys,” said Janey Whiteside, executive vice president and chief customer officer at Walmart’s U.S. division.

The upgrades will include adding new signage to prompt consumers to download and use the Walmart app within the store, help them find products and navigate different category sections within the store locations. Store aisles will feature a combination of a letter and a number to guide shoppers from their phones to products.

The remodeled stores will also offer self-checkout kiosks, contactless payment options and Scan & Go self-checkout at certain locations.

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