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Target’s Loyalty Program Hits Almost 80M Members

Target’s Loyalty Program Hits Almost 80M Members

Just One Year Laster, Target's Free Loyalty Program Hits Almost 80M Members

Target’s free loyalty program dubbed Circle is now 80 million members strong just a year since its launch in October 2019.

Target’s customers that have been participating in the program have collectively been able to save nearly $2 billion through Target Circle offers and have earned nearly $200 million as part of its 1 percent cashback offer.

“In just one year, it’s been amazing to see how our guests have embraced Target Circle, saving millions of dollars and helping give back to their local communities,” said Rick Gomez, executive vice president and chief marketing, digital and strategy officer, Target.

Heading into the holiday season, Target is planning to offer nearly 1 million deals to its Circle members and offer a value-added experience by enabling access to all of the offers in one place. Members will be able to easily save in-store and Target’s same-day fulfillment offers in its app and receive them in as little as one hour.

“Heading into the holidays, our nearly 80 million members – and growing – will have access to even more great deals. Combined with the safety and ease of our contactless same-day services, it’s an unparalleled offer – with no membership fee required.”

Target began testing its free loyalty program back in March of 2018 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. By 2019, the company had expanded its loyalty program to roughly 2 million customers in 2019. Since then, the big-box retailer has racked up over 70 million more members.

Prior to the launch of Target Circle, Target’s original rewards program was tied to its branded credit card. With its new program, the retailer joins players such as J.Crew, Nordstrom as well as Macy’s that have created a card-free loyalty program.

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