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FedEx Set To Acquire ShopRunner

FedEx Set To Acquire ShopRunner

FedEx Set To Acquire ShopRunner

FedEx has announced plans to acquire ShopRunner, an eCommerce platform that enables shoppers to purchase from various sellers and brands.

The ShopRunner platform connects millions of consumers to more than 100 brands allowing its members to enjoy benefits such as free two-day shipping, free returns, member-exclusive discounts, and a more seamless checkout.

On the other hand, retailers benefit from partnering with ShopRunner as it helps them acquire high-value customers while also accelerating their digital footprint through ShopRunner’s data-driven marketing and omnichannel enablement capabilities.

“In pursuit of our purpose of creating the future of retail, we have built the foundation of a cross-brand ecosystem to create a simple shopping experience for consumers and to aggregate the scale of our network for our partners’ benefit. The unparalleled reach and assets of FedEx will accelerate our existing capabilities and align with our goal of creating new products and services that advance a more open, collaborative e-commerce ecosystem,” said Sam Yagan, CEO of ShopRunner.

The acquisition at this point is subject to regulatory approval, but both companies expect the deal to officially close by the end of 2020.

“The acquisition, once closed, aligns with our continued efforts to create an open, collaborative e-commerce ecosystem that helps merchants deliver seamless experiences for their customers,” said Raj Subramaniam, president and chief operating officer, FedEx Corporation.

“We are committed to growing the ShopRunner platform and combining it with our global digital and logistics intelligence to create new possibilities in e-commerce.”

The acquisition comes with the goal of combining the complementary nature of ShopRunner’s pre-purchase offerings combined with FedEx post-purchase logistics intelligence. The acquisition will enable merchants to better attract and engage consumers at scale through more innovative online shopping experiences.

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