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Coty Bets On AR-Powered Shopping With Perfect Corp. Partnership

Coty Bets On AR-Powered Shopping With Perfect Corp. Partnership

Coty Expands Beauty Tech Offerings With Perfect Corp. Partnership

Coty, Inc. has entered into a long-term agreement with global beauty tech provider, Perfect Corp., to offer augmented reality and artificial intelligence-powered shopping experiences across its portfolio of brands, including CoverGirl, Sally Hansen and philosophy.

“This partnership adds a new dimension to Coty’s digital journey, incorporating some of the best augmented and virtual reality technologies that will help the full portfolio of our brands unlock the best digital user experience and, as a result, help advance social selling,” said Coty Chief Digital Officer Jean-Denis Mariani.

The partnership will enable Coty to enrich shopping journeys across multiple channels, including digital, social and in-store, through features such as virtual try-ons, online skin diagnostics and data-driven personalization for brands. The two companies will also work together on developing exclusive technologies for Coty brands.

“Imagine opening a livestreaming session with your favorite makeup brand, and during it discovering a new lipstick through your preferred influencer, trying the product on virtually from your sofa, and seamlessly going to check out – all without ever clicking out of the livestream. This is what we are working on, Coty and Perfect Corp. We will introduce exciting first-to-market innovations and advanced brand tools across all channels, seamlessly integrating augmented reality, virtual try-on, social selling, data-driven personalization, and more,” said Mariani.

The partnership comes on the heels of other recent investments Coty has made in eCommerce and direct-to-consumer (DTC) selling initiatives and marks the company’s first omnichannel digital solution that will be scaled companywide. Additionally, the agreement follows Coty’s rollout of its “Digital-First Omnichannel” strategy that focuses on digital storytelling and discovery.

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