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Reusable Packaging Startup Olive Expands Into Beauty

Reusable Packaging Startup Olive Expands Into Beauty

Reusable Packaging Startup Olive Expands Into Beauty

Reusable packaging startup Olive is expanding into the beauty sector by partnering up with a slew of beauty brands, including Glow Recipe, Pai, RMS Beauty and Supergoop.

The startup is aiming to help players in the beauty industry reduce their waste problem by aggregating customers’ orders and shipping them in reusable totes made with recycled materials. The solution results in fewer shipments and less use of card boxes and single-use plastic packaging, with customers receiving deliveries from affiliate brands once a week in totes that are delivered to their doorsteps by postal service and are later returned to the company.

Olive already works with 100 retail brands, including several big players such as Adidas, Goop, Khaite Rag & Bone, Veronica Beard and Vince. So far, the brand has more than 100,000 registered customers.

The company’s move into the beauty space comes after a months-long process, which involved developing various prototypes for reusable packaging and ensuring sufficient protection for beauty products, especially those in glass bottles, Business of Fashion reported.

“We’re still continuing to expand our fashion [business] as well,” said Nate Faust, the company’s chief executive, who founded the company earlier this year. “But with our primary goal from a sustainability perspective being the consolidation of people’s deliveries… and the reduction in last-mile emissions that come with that, the more categories we can serve, the greater impact we can have.”

Faust is also the founder of eTailer, which got acquired by Walmart in 2016.

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