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Chewy Launches Marketplace Service For Veterinarians

Chewy Launches Marketplace Service For Veterinarians

Chewy Launches Marketplace Service For Veterinarians

Pet retailer Chewy has launched a veterinarian-only marketplace that has been designed to streamline pharmacy operations and boost revenue for veterinary clinics.

The company’s new Practice Hub platform bridges veterinarians’ need for a complete eCommerce solution and access to Chewy’s various benefits and services, including quick and reliable delivery, notable customer service and auto-ship subscription enablement. Additionally, veterinarians who use the service can set prices, create pre-approved prescriptions and earn revenue when customers place an order in-clinic or purchase from them while shopping online.

“We are excited to partner directly with veterinarians to improve the customer experience while simultaneously helping to grow revenues for their clinics,” said Sumit Singh, CEO of Chewy. “The launch of Practice Hub™ is part of Chewy Health’s ecosystem and reinforces our commitment to support the veterinarian community across the country. This innovative, new platform utilizes technology to bring veterinarians to the forefront of e-commerce and delivers an experience their customers will love.”

Various veterinary groups, both nationwide and independent, have already started utilizing the new offering and Chewy is continuing to invite clinics and veterinarians onto its platform.

Chewy offers pet products, supplies and prescriptions from over 2,500 brands. Earlier this month, the company reported a 27 percent increase in sales, reaching $2.2 billion, as consumers’ adoption of online shopping and furry companions continued to drive sales. While the company did not hit profitability in the second quarter, it did manage to improve its margins.

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