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Rebag Launches Clair Trade, An Extension Of Its Clair Technology Suite

Rebag Launches Clair Trade, An Extension Of Its Clair Technology Suite

Rebag Launches Clair Trade, An Extension Of Its Clair Technology Suite

Luxury resale platform, Rebag, has launched a new service called Clair Trade that allows consumers to buy and sell items in a single, combined transaction. 

The offering is an extension of Clair, the company’s AI-powered instant pricing engine, which enables consumers to sell and shop seamlessly while paying less.

“Clair Trade brings together our seven years of expertise as a leading luxury resale destination,” said Charles Gorra, Founder and CEO of Rebag. “It combines the immediacy of our pricing technology and our AI-recognition capabilities to create a unique and transformative resale experience. For the first time in the resale industry, consumers will be able to generate a quote and immediately use it towards another purchase, while only paying the difference. The more you sell, the more you decrease the cart value and can shop guilt-free. With Clair Trade, Rebag is essentially pioneering negative checkout.”

Clair Trade works by simplifying the buying and selling process for Rebag customers, allowing them to instantly receive an offer for their luxury items and put the value toward a new purchase. When checking out, they only have to pay the difference that the sold items do not cover.

Customers can make use of the offering regardless of whether they are shopping online or in-store at Rebag locations nationwide. Shoppers who choose to shop in-store will be able to complete the entire process immediately, while those who choose to take advantage of the service online will be required to ship their trade-in to Rebag using a free shipping label or drop the items at a Rebag store location. Once the items are reviewed, the trade-in will be confirmed or possibly edited and the purchased items shipped will be shipped out.

To celebrate the launch of Clair Trade, Rebag is offering a 25 percent trade-in incentive for a limited time.

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