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Where Did Bottega Veneta Go?

Where Did Bottega Veneta Go?

Where Did Bottega Veneta Go?

And just like that, it looks like luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta has left Instagram.

Leaving over 2.5 million followers and 1.9 million posts, the reasoning behind the fashion label’s decision to exit the social media platform remains unclear and whether Bottega will make its return at a later point.

Is Bottega’s exit a statement or a technical glitch? A spokesperson for the luxury brand declined to comment.

The move to exit the social media platform comes nearly three month’s after Bottega Veneta’s spring 2021 show, which started life as a small physical presentation at London’s Sadler’s Wells theater, but then was later turned into a film and a book by German conceptual artist Rosemarie Trockel both of which were released in December.

At the time of the show, Daniel Lee, Bottega’s creative director, discussed reaffirming the brand’s codes through “human touch” and intentionally making the collection more crafty and tactile.

While the show attracted several VIP guests, none occupied front-row seats. Guests were instead seated on white folding chairs that were scattered across the floor. Some of the key guests that were in attendance included Cherry, Kanye and North West, Stormzy, Alessandra Ferri, Michael Clark, Sue Webster and Sadie Coles. Guests were asked to switch off their phones during the show, which concluded with Lee taking a short bow at the end. The show was ultimately seen as a refreshingly quiet affair.

Whether the brand’s decision to leave Instagram is part of Lee’s vision to re-establish the brand’s authentic and intimate relationship with its consumers remains to be seen.

While the official Bottega Veneta account is gone, various non-affiliated accounts are still active, including @newbottega,, @bottegaveneta_international and @by_daniel_lee.

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