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Newegg To Become First Major eTailer To Accept Litecoin On BitPay

Newegg To Become First Major eTailer To Accept Litecoin On BitPay

Newegg To Become First Major E-Retailer To Accept Litecoin On BitPay

Starting this week, Newegg will become the first eTailer to accept Litecoin (LTC) cryptocurrency as a payment method on the BitPay platform.

“Newegg has always been able to quickly implement new technologies to offer its customers innovative new ways to pay for products and services purchased through its platform. We are pleased to be the Company’s chosen partner in integrating the Litecoin payment option into its platform,” said Stephen Pair, CEO at BitPay.

“As the enthusiasm and excitement around the use of cryptocurrency continue to grow, Newegg demonstrates once again that it’s committed to making it easy for customers to shop their way with a growing array of payment options that also cater to crypto fans.”

Newegg customers can choose to pay with Litecoin by clicking “edit” in the payment section of the checkout process. From there, they can select BitPay and complete their transactions using Litecoin stored in their BitPay Wallet app.

“Delivering a better online shopping experience isn’t only about price and selection – it’s also important to let people shop however they want, and that extends to offering flexible payment options,” said Andrew Choi, Sr. Brand Manager of Newegg.

“We’re thrilled to accept Litecoin, as we believe that convenient payment options improve the overall shopping experience for all our customers.”

Litecoin was originally launched back in 2011 by a former Google engineer, Charlie Lee, who aimed to create a “lite” version of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, offering faster transaction confirmation times – 2.5 minutes, on average, compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minutes.

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