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Sparkfly And Wisely Team Up To Redefine Restaurant Loyalty

Sparkfly And Wisely Team Up To Redefine Restaurant Loyalty

Sparkfly And Wisely Team Up To Redefine Restaurant Loyalty

Offer management solutions company, Sparkfly, has partnered with Wisely, a customer intelligence platform for restaurants, to develop a new solution that will redefine loyalty and rewards programs.

Through the partnership, the duo will utilize Sparkfly’s offer management technology with Wisely’s customer relationship management (CRM) and restaurant customer data platform (CDP) to maximize each customer’s lifetime value with uniquely tailored offers, rewards, and communications that cultivate long-term loyalty.

“In order to drive long-term loyalty and profits at scale, restaurant brands need to know who their most valuable guests are—and what keeps them coming back,” said Wisely CEO and Co-Founder Mike Vichich. “Our partnership with Sparkfly enables restaurants to use data to personalize the guest experience at every interaction and, ultimately, maximize customer lifetime value.”

Wisely’s first-party data integration will help eliminate the guesswork for restaurants in knowing what their customers want. In addition, this will empower restaurants to incentivize behavior using Sparkfly offers based on enriched guest profiles that include order history and preferences.

Furthermore, through the offering, restaurants will gain insights on their customers’ journeys from start to finish, allowing for better marketing assessment and budget allocation.

“The combination of our offer management solutions and Wisely’s restaurant-specific CRM and CDP gives brands the deep analytics they need to make smart, data-backed decisions to better connect with today’s rewards-driven customers,” said Sparkfly CEO Catherine Tabor. “Wisely’s first-of-its-kind CDP has truly empowered restaurant brands with more insight and control than they’ve ever had before, and we are looking forward to our continued work together.”

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