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Glossier Appoints New Finance Chief

Glossier Appoints New Finance Chief

Glossier Appoints New Finance Chief

Glossier is hiring Seun Sodipo as its new finance chief in place of Vanessa Wittman, who will be retiring next spring but will continue to serve as an adviser to the company.

In her most recent role, Sodipo led product finance and strategy for Stripe after spending several years in private equity and mergers and acquisitions.

In a company statement, Glossier’s CEO Emily Weiss thanked Whittman for her contributions to the company. “Vanessa has played a significant role at Glossier, most recently securing our Series E financing from Lone Pine Capital, and—as a five-time CFO—has paved the way for countless women in finance,” Weiss said.

Wittman was hired as the company’s CFO in early 2019 on the heels of the company’s $100 million Series D funding round, which gave Glossier its unicorn status.

The direct-to-consumer (DTC) beauty brand has also appointed Kyle Leahy as its new chief commercial officer. Leahy will start serving in the role later this month and will be responsible for driving revenue and building end-to-end customer experiences across channels. She will be responsible for leading retail, sales, international and operations teams. Leahy brings nine years of experience serving in leadership roles at Nike.

Last month, Glossier hired Kristy Maynes as its senior vice president of retail. Maynes has helped multiple leadership roles over the years at Lululemon, including as the GM of the first 40 Lululemon stores in Canada and opening Lululemon in Europe.

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