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Toshiba Launches Unified Commerce Platform For Retailers

Toshiba Launches Unified Commerce Platform For Retailers


Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions is rolling out a new unified commerce platform called ELERA that will enable merchants to scale up their operations more easily and expand their services without worrying about the limitations of their IT infrastructure.

Rolling out new ideas to brick and mortar locations, iterating them and eventually expanding them to other locations is a challenge that can take retailers years to accomplish. However, the ongoing pandemic has required businesses in the retail environment to be agile and innovative and fast in their rollout of new services, whether it be curbside pickup or contactless delivery. Those are some of the challenges Toshiba’s platform is aiming to address.

“For us, ELERA isn’t only about bringing new technology to market; it’s about enabling retailers and the industry as a whole to thrive — becoming more resilient today, while pursuing a clear path toward a frictionless future,” said Rance Poehler, president and CEO, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions.

The platform takes a microservices-based approach to help retailers sidestep their IT infrastructure constraints, allowing them to roll out new services within days, test them independently, improve, update and scale them to meet demand without having to replace legacy systems. The platform currently offers more than 30 pre-packaged microservices, including price, promotion, refunds and point of sale (POS) orchestration. It also offers more than 400 application programming interfaces (APIs) for a tailored build-out and integration.

“These microservices serve as a foundation to build transactional use cases both in and out of the store environment for retailers,” the company noted in its announcement this morning. 

The new platform offers support for emerging technologies and use cases such as self-service, IoT sensors, computer-vision cameras and smart devices, among other things. It also harnesses big data to unlock customer insights that retailers can leverage to improve their store performance and drive engagement. 

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