How I Created The Perfect Tennis Bracelet Stack With Material Good

Romana Hai

Romana Hai


Bracelet stacking is one of the most effortless ways to add dimension to any outfit. The concept has become so popular that even jewelry designers have looked to incorporate pieces in their collection that can either be worn on their own for a delicate and elegant look or can be stacked for a chic and understated look.

But while bracelet stacking is meant to look effortless, it’s considered an art and requires not only patience (more on that later) but also persistence and thought.

Here are some bracelet stacking pointers to consider when creating your own collection:

Start small, simple and single

When looking to create a bracelet stack, it’s best to start simple. So when I looked to start my collection, I started with the piece I had already been wearing for years: my gold bangle. It’s been a piece I have been wearing for a couple of years now and has been a core staple to all my outfits, whether they are casual or formal.

When starting your stack, look to a piece that you know you will always wear, no matter the outfit. Maybe, it’s something that you already wear. Remember, no matter how skinny or flimsy, the first bracelet in your stack can always work on its own as a single bracelet and can be help accessorize any outfit for any occasion, starting from Sunday Church to date night to a day at the beach, or it can make its way to a whole stack of bracelets.

Look to add another core staple

Here is where you start to work your way toward forming a stack. Two is the minimum number of bracelets you can wear in a stack, which is great for workwear or even weekend wear.

The trick here is deciding what becomes your second piece. For my second bracelet, I opted for another gold piece, but this time I opted for a trendy chain piece, featuring interlocking rose gold links. The two together complimented each other as the gold bangle brought simplicity while the gold link bracelet added texture and depth.

Opting for two opposite types of pieces can make for an interesting and bold combination too. Try looking at different textures or even sizes. For example, considerpairing a dainty bracelet with a slightly thicker one for a more dynamic pairing.

The call is yours.

Three isn’t a crowd

At this point, you’re taking your stack seriously. And this is when you want to consider whether your next step is to add dimension. My current stack at this point included two gold pieces, so this time around, I decided to treat myself to something a little more dainty, but glitzy.

I decided while I wanted something with gems, but I wasn’t ready for a traditional diamond tennis bracelet. I also wanted rose gold to be a common trait throughout all my pieces.

To find the perfect piece, I went to Material Good and landed on a sapphire tennis bracelet featuring blush pink sapphires set in 18K yellow or rose gold. Of course, this piece was a splurge, butMaterial Good was the only jeweler I could find that not only had stellar reviews but also already had a pink sapphire tennis bracelet already set in 18K rose gold that came in 6-inch length.

That said, at whatever price point, adding texture and dimension with your third piece is key to creating an effortless and casual effect. The best way to go about this is opting to stay in the range of same thickness and having some level of commonality amongst all of your pieces.

Furthermore, the stack shouldn’t undo the rest of your outfit and look overdone or overthought. To avoid this, it is worth taking the time and patience to invest in your key pieces.

Fourth time’s the charm

As you continue to add bracelets, it’s critical to keep the designs balanced. Adding a traditional diamond tennis bracelet is a great play. A diamond tennis bracelet is not only great for stacking but it is absolutely perfect on its own. It’s an investment piece, no matter what.

Quick history lesson: The tennis bracelet has been dubbed as an eternal classic ever since tennis superstar Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during the 1987 US Open and insisted on pausing the match until it was found.

Even if your budget won’t allow you to scoop up the pricier, fine styles, a vermeil and white sapphire option is equally stunning.

And so by the time I was ready to add a fourth bracelet to my stack, I decided to go back to Material Good to purchase my next piece – a diamond tennis bracelet. Keep in mind, I saved for each piece I have added thus far, but this one, in particular, was a bit different.

For my fourth piece, I decided to go with an 18K rose gold diamond tennis bracelet set with 95 round brilliant cut diamonds, weighing approximately 0.02 carats each, totaling about 1.90 carats.

Mixed tones

While I didn’t do this, a great way to make your bracelet stack interesting is to mix metals. I kept consistent with rose gold throughout my collection, but if you’re into mixing metals, here is the perfect opportunity to!

Yellow gold brings warmth to any combination, while rose gold gives a more feminine look to the stack. Opting for a white metal in between can help balance out the color and glare of the two.

When it comes to creating the perfect stack, you really can’t go wrong. It’s a matter of personal opinion. If you love bold options, go big and play around with different textures, colors and metals. If you like a daintier look, opt for skinner pieces and aim to strike a balance between making it looks effortless yet well thought out.

At the end of the day, any combination will be interesting. Just get creative and stay loyal to your investment.

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