The Brand Behind FLO Vitamins Launches Supplements For Improving Vaginal Health

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FLO Vitamins" Enters Vaginal Health Space
FLO Vitamins" Enters Vaginal Health Space

Women’s health brand O Positiv, the company behind FLO Vitamins, has launched a new supplement called URO that is focused on improving vaginal health.

The supplement features non-GMO, vegan, and major allergen-free vaginal probiotics that help prevent urinary tract infections and support overall vaginal balance.

“As someone who is prone to recurrent UTIs, I couldn’t be more excited to introduce the world to the URO collection,” said O Positiv co-founder Brianna Bitton.

“There are many disruptive issues that come with the territory of being a woman, which we’re often told to “deal with,” and that never sat right with me. O Positiv is here to provide a sense of relief and transparency by creating quality solutions that women can feel confident in consuming and actually see positive differences from – URO does just that.”

The move to enter the new category leans on the importance of maintaining vaginal flora and the benefits vaginal probiotics can provide.

“Vaginal probiotics are helpful when it comes to long-term benefits, in addition to the urinary tract, as they can restore the urogenital flora in individuals and help create better outcomes,” said O Positiv Medical Advisor and OB/GYN Dr. Jessica Shepherd. “The body has pH balances in every area including the vagina and bladder, and in order to optimize the pH in the vagina, probiotics can help with supporting a healthy environment.”

URO’s VP and UT Capsules can be purchased online and is available in a single bottle containing 30 servings for $31.99. Shoppers can also opt for $26.99 subscription plan to access the supplement.

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