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RoC Skincare Partners With Sarah Jessica Parker

RoC Skincare Partners With Sarah Jessica Parker

Romana Hai
RoC Skincare Partners With Sarah Jessica Parker

RoC Skincare has partnered with Sarah Jessica Parker to serve as the voice of the #LookForwardProject, an initiative that celebrates the power of optimism and its scientifically-backed impact on long-term health and wellbeing.

Through their partnership, RoC Skincare and Parker hope to inspire women to turn their focus from anxiety about aging to finding joy in their lives.

“When I heard about RoC’s Look Forward Project and its commitment to supporting women take on an optimistic outlook about the future, I felt compelled to help amplify this important conversation,” said Parker.

“So much of our younger lives are spent trying to figure out who we are. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become much better equipped to problem solve, to appreciate, to hear things that aren’t necessarily pleasant. The time spent living, and the experience that comes with it adds up – and that’s something to look forward to.”

In addition to the RoC Look Forward Project, the brand is also launching an online resource hub that offers up new research from RoC Skincare as well as practical insights and advice from subject-matter experts and thought leaders.

One of the research initiatives that can be found through the online resource hub is a recent quantitative study based on responses from more than 600 women in the U.S. and France. The studying was conducted in partnership with Daisy Robinton, Ph.D., Human Biology and Translational Medicine of Harvard University.

Some of the key insights include:

  • 90% of women feel anxious about getting older and say it is the #1 driver of anxieties related to the way they look (e.g., lines, wrinkles)
  • Age anxiety impacts all age brackets and not just women over 40. More than half of women that are in the 24 to 35 age bracket believe that society, culture, and social media contribute to a pessimistic outlook about getting older.
  • More women (60%) are worried about their aging appearance than about having enough money for retirement (43%)
  • 93% of women expressed interest in learning activities, exercises, or tools that can help them live a more optimistic life

“When our research revealed that more women are worried about their aging appearance than something as important as being set up financially for the later stages of life, this opened our eyes in a big way,” said Robinton.

“If we center the conversation about aging on ‘looking forward’ instead of ‘looking older,’ we can change this sentiment and improve women’s experiences of aging throughout their lifespan. The research clearly demonstrates that optimism has a significant positive impact on health and longevity. Evidence shows that holding an optimistic outlook contributes to a boost in mental wellbeing, reduced anxiety, less chronic disease and is correlated to significantly longer lifespans to boot.”

In addition to providing educational resources to help women adopt optimism into their daily routines, RoC Skincare is continuing its commitment to portraying realistic depictions of skin at various stages of life by not retouching, including lines and wrinkles. The brand also requires its influencer partners to agree not to use skin-altering filters or other editing techniques that promote unrealistic beauty standards.

RoC Skincare has also initiated a partnership with the SeekHer Foundation, a non-profit organization that advocates for women’s mental health and works to challenge societal norms.

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