Smartwater Appoints Zendaya As Newest Global Brand Ambassador

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Smartwater Appoints Zendaya As Newest Global Brand Ambassador
Smartwater Appoints Zendaya As Newest Global Brand Ambassador
American actress Zendaya will be featured in a series of new creative content as the latest global brand ambassador for smartwater.

“I’m very excited to begin this new relationship with smartwater,” said Zendaya. “We all know how important it is to stay hydrated and smartwater is my go-to source no matter what I am doing throughout the day.”

As the ambassador of the brand, Zendaya will work with smartwater to advocate for improvements in community water quality and access in various cities worldwide. The actress is kicking off the campaign starting with her hometown of Oakland, California, where she is partnering with the Global Water Challenge (GWC), a coalition of leading organizations that are collaborating to achieve universal access to clean drinking water.

Access to quality water is a problem that impacts millions of Americans every year. Some 2.2 million Americans have access to no water at home. Meanwhile, 44 million Americans are reportedly served by water systems that fail to function properly.

To bring awareness to the issue, Smartwater, GWC, and Zendaya are launching a global water challenge. The challenge will invite local organizations to apply for grant funding to GWC’s women for water action platform, which aims to uplift women and their communities through the power of clean water access.

These efforts build on more than a decade of investments that parent company Coca-Cola has made to provide access to clean water to more than 18.5 million people since 2010.

GWC’s work has proven that with access to clean water, people, especially women and girls, are healthier, safer, educated, and employed.
To bring the campaign to life, smartwater and Zendaya have teamed up with VMLY&R and WPP/OpenX. The campaign will be rolled out in the U.S. from June 21, 2022, and will be featured across television, audio, social and streaming channels, with global markets to follow.

“We could not be more thrilled to have Zendaya join smartwater as the newest face of our brand,” said Matrona Filippou, global category president for hydration, sports, tea and coffee, The Coca-Cola Company. “A global icon and cultural force, Zendaya isn’t afraid to be true to herself, and that’s what makes her the perfect addition to the smartwater family.”

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