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FWRD Enters Resale, Launches Buy Back Program

FWRD Enters Resale, Launches Buy Back Program

Romana Hai
FWRD Enters Resale, Launches Buy Back Program

It’s official. Online fashion retailer, FWRD, which is part of Revolve Group, Inc., has entered the resale market with the launch of its FWRD Buyback program.

As a personal FWRD fan, this is a program I’ve been waiting for.

Here’s how it works the program currently works:

Buy your bag from like you normally would, and then when you are ready (within a one-year timeframe), send back your bag with a free shipping label to get up to 50% off the retail price.

If you are a loyalty member, you can expect to get 2,000 points for your first buyback transaction ($20 reward), then 1,000 points after that ($10 reward).

Only handbags purchased after January 1, 2022, are guaranteed eligibility for the FWRD Buyback program. Additionally, bags will only be accepted for resale if they have minimal to no wear on or around corners, there is no darkening on handles and straps, and have no noticeable scratches on the exterior. They must also have zero or minimal discoloration or fading on the exterior.

Any handbags that were part of final sale, have missing components, or have been modified or customized in any way will be excluded from the Buyback program.

FWRD’s move to enter the resale category comes at a time when there is growing momentum toward sustainability. Other brands and retailers such as lululemon and MR PORTER have already launched similar efforts.

Just this past April, lululemon announced the expansion of its Like New program to all participating U.S. stores. The move to expand its offering came as the brand saw “incredible momentum” from its pilot program, which launched back in 2021.

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