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MTV Launches Jersey Shore-Inspired Hard Seltzer

MTV Launches Jersey Shore-Inspired Hard Seltzer

MTV Launches New “Juicy Shore” Hard Seltzer

MTV has become the latest entrant in the $5.6 billion hard seltzer industry with the launch of its new concept beverage called “Juicy Shore.”

The gluten-free beverage, which is seemingly a nod to the popular MTV series Jersey Shore, comes just in time for the summer season. It contains 120 calories and is made using 5% alcohol, 4 grams of sugar and fruit-flavored premium vodka.

The drink comes packaged in a slim can format, with eye-catching pink and light blue color details. It is being distributed by Steam Whistle Brewing in Canada for $2.95 at LCBO stores in Ontario.

“Ready-to-drink beverages are a hot, growing trend, attracting drinkers from all customer segments,” said Steam Whistly. “MTV Hard Seltzer delivers the category’s desired low-cal/low-sugar recipe and pre-mixed convenience, but stands out with its full-flavor, vibrantly colored packaging, playful graphics, and legendary MTV personality.”

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