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Sunday II Sunday Launches Wash Day System To Support Active Women With Hair Care From Workout To Recovery Day

Sunday II Sunday Launches Wash Day System To Support Active Women With Hair Care From Workout To Recovery Day

NEW YORK, June 23, 2022 – Sunday II Sunday, the athleisure hair care brand under parent company Infinite Looks, today announced the launch of a brand new collection, the Wash Day System. This new collection is designed to provide users with a full wash day reset and scalp care. Products within the line include Sunday II Sunday’s new Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as their Signature Scalp Balancing Scrub. These products represent the brand’s first release of new products since its initial launch. The Wash Day System will be available online at and will be coming soon to select partner retailers.

Designed to complement the Moisture Balance Kit, which cleanses and replenishes the hair in between wash days, The Wash Day System provides a deep cleansing and renewal for the hair and scalp at the end of the wash cycle. Each product included in the kit is formulated with Sunday II Sunday’s proprietary Active Recovery Complex, which eliminates buildup, itch, and inflammation caused by sweat. Ingredients within the Active Recovery Complex include; papaya extract, to loosen buildup of dead skin for removal, probiotics, to reduce inflammation and support barrier formation, and Green Keratin, to improve hair strength and elasticity. Consistent use of the products is designed to restore scalp health, fight inflammation and reverse existing signs of damage.

“Ever since our initial launch with the Moisture Balance Kit we’ve had a vision of the Wash Day System as being the perfect complement to round out our customer’s routine from weekly activity to rest and recovery day,” said Keenan Beasley, CEO and Founder of Sunday II Sunday. “We were meticulous about the ingredients that went into these products to ensure that they would not only give the best possible results, but that they would improve the health of the scalp and hair over time as well. I’m incredibly proud of what we’re bringing to the market with this launch.”

Sunday II Sunday’s Signature Scalp Balancing Sugar Scrub is the newest product to launch for the brand, following on the heels of the Signature Scalp Balancing Shampoo and Signature Replenishing Conditioner which launched originally with Ulta in Q2 of this year. The Scalp Balancing Sugar Scrub features papaya extract, natural sugar crystals, and peppermint oil to fight inflammation and provide moisture. Using the scrub prior to cleansing with the Scalp Balancing Shampoo increases its cleansing and barrier-calming benefits.

Consumers can find the Wash Day System available for purchase online at or with Sunday II Sunday’s partner retailers including Ulta and Sephora. For additional information about the brand and its products, please visit

About Sunday II Sunday

SUNDAY II SUNDAY is the leading hair care brand developed by Infinite Looks and designed specifically for the active woman. Created to empower women and encourage them to look and feel their best without having to compromise their active lifestyle. Born out of the realization that the habits and practices of black consumers or those with more textured hair have been overlooked, SUNDAY II SUNDAY aims to fill that void in the haircare space. For additional information, visit

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