Ulta Introduces PayPal’s Happy Returns At 1,300 Store Locations

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Ulta Introduces PayPal's Happy Returns At 1,300 Store Locations
Ulta Introduces PayPal's Happy Returns At 1,300 Store Locations
Ulta Beauty and PayPal have teamed up to offer Happy Returns at 1,300 store locations nationwide.

The offering allows shoppers to exchange or return unwanted merchandise at Return Bars without having to box it up and ship it themselves. Meanwhile, it gives merchants in-depth reports on returns data and enables them to respond to customers’ return-related queries in real-time.

The deal with Ulta Beauty brings the total number of store locations that accept Happy Returns to more than 5,000, and it puts 78% of Americans within a 10-mile radius of a drop-off point.

The partnership comes at a time when American consumers are shopping more online and are, in turn, returning a higher volume of merchandise. In 2021 alone, U.S. consumers returned $218 billion worth of merchandise. This increased volume of returns is creating new logistical challenges and greater costs for merchants.

“Though consumers have increased their frequency of online shopping, returns are commonly an ‘in person’ experience and are costly and challenging for merchants,” Vice President of Happy Returns by PayPal David Sobie said in a statement. “Our partnership with Ulta Beauty widens our in-person drop-off network and gives online shoppers more options to complete returns — Return Bars bring new customers into stores and give merchants a more cost-effective and practical way to manage their reverse logistics.”

The Happy Returns service is also being offered in eight additional languages to expand access in the EU and Canada.

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