The Next Big Trend In Jewelry – Gemstone Tennis Necklaces

Romana Hai

Romana Hai


Back in 2018, I remember reading an article in which Kristen Nichols of Who What Wear predicted that diamond tennis necklaces would be the next big trend in fashion. Three years later, the utility of diamond tennis necklaces has evolved from being a classic piece to be worn on special events to something that is still iconic but can be worn on a daily basis.

And while there’s no denying a beautiful string of diamonds, I’m calling the next trend – gemstone tennis necklaces. Why? Because not only are they incredibly drool-worthy, but because it’s the perfect way to reinvent a timeless and classic piece. Oh, and of course, they help elevate any outfit, add dimension and overall depth. If you’re intrigued by the new take on the traditional necklace, take a peek at my shopping journey and recommendations from the process:

Deciding on what color gemstone tennis necklace to get

During COVID-19, I oddly found myself investing in finer jewelry. The move came about as I looked to clear out my closet and resell anything I hadn’t worn in over a year. I took the money I made from reselling stuff and invested it in buying forever pieces. The first piece I looked to invest in was a diamond tennis necklace, which quickly became an everyday staple for me. I then worked to create the perfect bracelet stack, which consisted of tennis bracelets, including a pink sapphire tennis bracelet.

It was then time to up my necklace game.

To create consistency throughout my pieces, I decided to invest in a piece with rose gold hues, but since I already had a diamond tennis necklace, I figured my next investment piece should be a pink sapphire tennis necklace. The decision was easy as I wanted to remain true to my current collection. Pink sapphires and diamonds aren’t the only options out there, however. In fact, the options are endless when it comes to picking a gemstone. From blue sapphires to emeralds to rainbow tennis necklaces, you’ll be sure to find the gemstone tennis necklace of your dreams. When deciding what gemstone to opt for, it is important to think of the intention of the piece. Does it work with your existing collection? Will you layer the piece? Is it a standalone piece? Is this piece meant to be bold or unique? Is it for everyday wear or special occasions?

Locating the perfect gemstone tennis necklace

After deciding that pink sapphires was the way to go, the next thing on my list was finding the necklace (within my price point). I also decided that shopping online would be my best option as I’m still refraining from going in-store as much as possible during these times. Depending on where you are, you might also find yourself in a similar situation and decide that shopping online is your best bet, especially as COVID-19 continues to impact our daily lives.

Falling in love with Sestra Jewelry

After looking high and low for this piece, I finally came across Sestra Jewelry – a company founded in 2017 by two best friends, Ozzie and Rhi. The piece I ordered was a 14K Rose gold pink sapphire choker necklace featuring 3mm pink sapphires, totaling 7.16 carats. The piece cost me $4,500, but I was able to snap the piece at a lower price thanks to their summer sale. I am glad to have shopped with Sestra Jewelry because not only was I able to find the gemstone necklace of my dreams, but I was also able to do it all from the comfort of my own home. An added bonus was that I was able to support a small business during the process.

Anyway, the piece took just about two weeks to arrive, and boy, was the wait worth it.

The Next Big Trend In Jewelry – Gemstone Tennis Necklaces Necklace: Pink Sapphire Choker Tennis Necklace

Don’t be so quick

Before I came across Sestra Jewelry, I placed orders with several other companies who were able to promise fast delivery, but while their shipping was prompt, I ended up being utterly disappointed with the overall quality of the pieces. In some cases, it was the look and feel of the gold and other times; it was just shoddy setting work. While going through the process was time-consuming and often disappointing, it taught me to be super mindful of all the details. With every order received, I honed in every aspect of the necklace, from the sparkle of the gems to the quality of the gold to the setting and placement of each gem.

When I finally received my necklace from Sestra Jewelry, it came in a plush velvet pouch as well as a jewelry box. The stones were better than I ever could have imagined and the setting of each stone was absolutely flawless. The overall experience buying the necklace from Sestra Jewelry was a 10 out of 10.

Clearly, the lesson here is  – some things are just worth the wait. Normally, I recommend buyers to do what’s best for them, but when it comes it comes to buying a gemstone tennis necklace, I think it is important to work with a jeweler that refrains from promising expedited deliveries and instead work with one that pays attention to detail. It’s worth every penny.

Trust me. It was only during this process that I realized that while some companies may be able to provide quick turnarounds, it may ultimately come at a cost. With Sestra Jewelry, it was made very clear on the site that certain items would ship within two weeks since they were made to order. The order was worth the wait as the finished product was a piece of art.

The Next Big Trend In Jewelry – Gemstone Tennis Necklaces Necklace: Pink Sapphire Choker Tennis Necklace

Quality and craftsmanship is everything

Overall, the 14K Rose gold pink sapphire choker necklace, which was crafted in Turkey, was everything I could ask for. The piece is absolutely stunning as the pink sapphires are sparkly and the attention to detail is impeccable. Not only is the piece a complete showstopper, but it’s also an investment piece that is versatile. It works well on its own but also compliments my diamond tennis necklace, which I wear both for my Starbucks runs or a night out at a gala event. And as layering and stacking have become more popular over the years, I can really see this piece getting a ton of wear.

The Next Big Trend In Jewelry – Gemstone Tennis Necklaces Necklace: Pink Sapphire Choker Tennis Necklace

Putting a spin on tradition

For those who prefer gems over diamonds or want to add dimension to their collection of necklaces, gemstone tennis necklaces are the perfect solution – it’s the next big trend! When it comes to creating the perfect glitzy ensemble, the same rules as stacking apply; first, create a foundation.. an everyday core staple, and from there, look to create consistency, balance and depth. Like traditional diamond tennis necklaces, gemstone tennis necklaces are elegant, iconic and last for decades in nearly every form. To learn more about Sestra Jewelry, visit  

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