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Instagram To Let Users Shop Via DM

Instagram To Let Users Shop Via DM

Instagram To Let Users Shop Via DM

Instagram is continuing to expand its creator subscription program by making it possible to purchase via direct messages (DM) from qualified small businesses.

Soon users will be able to message business accounts regarding the products they are interested in and discuss potential customizations for their orders. Then, after specifics are finalized, customers can pay for their order using Meta Pay. All purchases made through DM are protected through Instagram’s payment partner, PayPal.

Businesses who qualify can sign up to showcase a digital storefront on their page and sell products in the chat. And when they receive a message about buying a product, they can either request payment by heading to their professional dashboard and clicking on “Payments in chat” or selecting the “$” sign within the chat feature.

The new feature announcement comes days after the social media platform expanded its paywall capabilities, allowing creators to build their subscriptions around offering exclusive access to Lives, Stories, Badges Stories, Reels, Posts, and Chats.

“Subscriptions are a great way for creators to have a predictable income and for fans to get exclusive content from creators that they love,” said Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram.

Instagram began testing this model earlier this year with 10 US creators. Since then, thousands of other creators have gained access to Instagram Subscriptions, according to Mosseri.

In June 2022, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Instagram’s parent company, Meta, announced that the company would not collect fees from creators who use Facebook or Instagram Subscriptions until 2024.

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