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Twitter Beta Tests Twitter Shops

Twitter Beta Tests Twitter Shops

Twitter Launches Twitter Shops

Twitter is seeking to boost its social commerce offering with Twitter Shops, which would allow businesses to showcase up to 50 products on top of their Twitter accounts and offer a fully-immersive shopping experience.

The new offering will display a “view shop” button on top of the Tweets of the participating merchants that will unlock access to their catalog of products. Customers can click on the product of their choice, which will open an in-app browser where they can learn about the products and checkout on the merchant’s website.

The new offering is currently being beta tested and it comes nearly nine months after the social media platform unveiled its Shop Module tool, which let merchants highlight up to five products on top of their Tweets.

“As we continue to test, we’ll explore how to make Shops more discoverable; adding new ways for merchants to tell their brand story through their Shops; expanding the number of products merchants can showcase, and bringing Twitter Shops to more merchants and more people,” Justin Hoang, staff product manager at Twitter, and David Lie-Tjauw, product manager at Twitter, wrote in a company blog post.

As part of the test, Verizon, Arden Cove, the Gay Pride app and a few other merchants have been given access to Shops. The offering is currently only available to users in the U.S. who use Twitter in English on iPhones.
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