Amazon and Apple Resume Twitter Advertising

Words by Romana Hai

Amazon Resumes Twitter Advertising
Amazon Resumes Twitter Advertising

Amazon and Apple are making their return to Twitter advertising.

CEO Elon Musk confirmed the news during a Twitter Spaces talk, also noting that Apple was Twitter’s largest advertiser.

While Musk did not confirm contract agreements, according to reports, Amazon is coming back with $100 million in annual advertising spend on the platform after it makes some security updates.

The news follows an email Twitter sent last Thursday to advertisers offering incentives if they increased ad spending on the platform post-Elon Musk’s takeover.

"Biggest advertiser incentive ever on Twitter. The US advertiser who usually holds $500,000 in incremental spending will now qualify to match their spending by a "100% value add" with a $1 million cap."

The company’s decision to offer a generous incentive comes weeks after several major companies, including Audi and General Motors, suspended advertising on the platform in response to Musk’s takeover and acts as a pure play to jump-start its business.

Under Musk’s direction, Twitter haphazardly cut its workforce by more than half and later looked to hire some of its staff back. Unfortunately, the decision decimated several key teams, including Twitter’s content moderation unit.

The company claimed that it let go of some of its employees “by mistake,” who were crucial to helping Musk realize his vision of the app.

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