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Carl Icahn Drops Fight Against Kroger

Carl Icahn Drops Fight Against Kroger

Carl Icahn Drops Fight Against Kroger

Carl Icahn is withdrawing his nominees for Kroger’s board and ending his proxy fight against the company’s treatment of pregnant pigs, just days after losing a similar fight against McDonald’s.

The billionaire activist investor had called on McDonald’s and Kroger’s to end their use of gestation walls, which prevent pregnant pigs from moving around.

“I really do feel emotional about these animals and the unnecessary suffering you put them through,” Icahn said last month, adding that pigs are smart animals with emotional intelligence.

Icahn’s proxy fight was supported by Norway’s pension fund, KLP, which has a $72 million worth of McDonald’s investment in bonds and equities.

The fight between Icahn and Kroger began when Icahn wrote a letter to Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen, asking him to address the “deplorable animal suffering” and fix the “unconscionable” pay difference between McMullen and Kroger employees.

“Kroger’s inaction towards creating meaningful animal welfare policies and verification methods is totally out of step with consumer desire and current legislation,” Icahn said at the time. “The Board of Kroger is also completely tone-deaf to other growing ESG concerns, specifically that of providing a living wage to your employees. You’ve helmed a company that certainly has the gravitas to steer change, yet instead have condoned cruelty towards those who are the most defenseless.”

Kroger argued that it is not directly involved in raising and processing animals and expects its suppliers to stop using gestation crates by 2025.

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