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Shannon Abloh Takes Over Reigns At Virgil Abloh Securities

Shannon Abloh Takes Over Reigns At Virgil Abloh Securities

Shannon Abloh Takes Over Reigns At Virgil Abloh Securities

Shannon Abloh, the widow of Louis Vuitton’s former creative director, is looking to continue the work started by her late husband as the new chief executive and managing director of Virgil Abloh Securities.

The company was established by Abloh before his passing to spread his ethos and teachings. It is today comprised of many of the founder’s longstanding creative collaborators.

“Every project that moves forward will be entirely created with Abloh’s methodology,” Abloh Securities said, adding that the company will “work in the disciplines and spheres of art, architecture, engineering, creative direction, artistic direction, industrial design, fashion design, music, film, writing, and philanthropy.”

With the appointment of its new chief executive, the organization is planning to launch a philanthropic institution that will “create pathways for greater equity and inclusion for diverse talents across creative industries” through efforts similar to Abloh’s “Post-Modern” scholarship fund.

Much like her later husband, Abloh has no formal education in fashion. While she has previously remained behind-the-scenes, making appearances just for Off-White and Louis Vuitton runway shoes, she seems to be finally stepping into the light. Last month, she showed up at the Fashion Scholarship Fund’s annual gala and award night, according to The New York Times. Her appearance marked the first time Abloh stepped in to represent her late husband’s legacy.

She said, her husband “believed his real work was using his position to ensure that many more Black designers, creatives and executives could have access to the opportunities he had in the fashion industry.”

“His dream,” she added, “is to establish an institution that would help to make fashion a more equal, more inclusive place.”

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