Coca-Cola Bottles a New AI-Created Mystery Flavor

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Coca-Cola Unveils an AI-Created Mystery Flavor
Coca-Cola Unveils an AI-Created Mystery Flavor

Coca-Cola has been conducting experiments for approximately 18 months, creating limited-edition beverages with flavors often tied to futuristic themes that conceal their taste profiles.

The most recent addition, Coca-Cola Y3000, follows this trend with a twist. The flavor profile of the drink, along with its packaging, has been developed using artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The launch of the new AI-generated flavor comes as part of Coca-Cola’s effort to maintain customer excitement, especially among younger generations, many of whom have been avoiding sugary drinks in recent years for health reasons — posing challenges for soda companies in promoting their traditional brands.

To address this, Coca-Cola has used its Creations platform to connect with a younger audience by creating exclusive flavors like Y3000. Like all Creations beverages, the Y3000 drink retains the core essence of the typical Coca-Cola taste but with a subtle hint.

The company initially gathered human insights to explore flavors associated with the concept of the future. They then used AI to determine flavor combinations and profiles, according to a spokesperson.

Meanwhile, for developing the product’s packaging, which has a Y2K aesthetic with playful bubbles, pink and blue colors, and a pixelated logo, Coca-Cola used AI-generated images to create a mood board for creative inspiration. The aluminum can of the drink also prominently highlights the involvement of AI.

Visual aesthetics aside, the packaging design seeks to blend the physical and virtual worlds by enabling buyers to scan a QR code on the Y3000 can that directs them to the Creations website, where they can explore a depiction of the world 977 years from now and access events and exclusive merchandise.

Later this fall, customers will be able to shop for a capsule collection developed in partnership with the high-end streetwear label Ambush.

The Y3000 flavor is available for a limited duration in the United States and Canada and is priced similarly to standard Coca-Cola. It comes in both zero-sugar and full-sugar options.

Photo credit: Coca-Cola

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