“And Just Like That” Season 2 Revives “Sex and the City” Trends Among Consumers

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"And Just Like That" Season 2 Revives "Sex and the City" Trends Among Consumers
"And Just Like That" Season 2 Revives "Sex and the City" Trends Among Consumers

The revival of “Sex and the City” in the form of “And Just Like That” has not only brought back the iconic characters Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda, but it has also ignited a sensational fashion frenzy among fans.

As Season 2 unfolds with more relationship drama, several iconic fashion moments of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends are transcending the small screen, significantly impacting retail trends and inspiring a generation of fashion enthusiasts.

The baguette bag, which has made a robust comeback for its versatility and style, has regained its spotlight on the show, just as it was Bradshaw’s go-to purse during the original “Sex and the City” run. Since Season 2 premiered, Pinterest searches for ‘Baguette bag’ have surged by 170%, indicating that the iconic bag is undoubtedly still in vogue.

Bradshaw’s adoration for Manolo Blahnik shoes has also ignited a “blue heels” fervor, with global searches experiencing an extraordinary 599% surge in the past three months. The allure of statement heels is unmistakable, as evidenced by a 30% rise in searches for pink heels over the last year.

Meanwhile, Bradshaw’s iconic heatless curls have become a significant sensation, not only on the show but also on social media. TikTok, in particular, has been flooded with videos about the #heatlesscurls trend, accumulating an astonishing 5.4 billion views. At the same time, searches for “Carrie Bradshaw hair” have skyrocketed by 525%, indicating that fans are enthusiastically trying to replicate the character’s signature hairstyle and infuse a touch of glamour into their own looks.

In an unexpected departure from glitz and glam, the trend of oversized and comfy outfits has taken the spotlight. “And Just Like That” mirrors this shift, showcasing Bradshaw embracing a minimalist oversized outfit while cooking poached eggs at home. Google searches for ‘oversized t-shirt’ and ‘oversized sweater’ have surged by 73% and 75%, respectively, over the past year. This indicates that fashion enthusiasts are wholeheartedly embracing this relaxed yet stylish approach to dressing.

Leopard print, the timeless pattern known for its fierce allure, has also made a strong comeback on the show. In Season 2, Episode 2, Seema’s head-to-toe leopard print ensemble caused a viral sensation, generating a staggering 402.5 million views under the hashtag #leopardprint on TikTok.

With the enthusiasm surrounding “And Just Like That” and the desire to replicate the characters’ enviable style, retailers are experiencing a remarkable surge in demand for baguette bags, statement heels, oversized and comfy clothing, and leopard print accessories. To meet this demand, fashion brands are eagerly integrating these trendy elements into their collections, ensuring they cater to the fashion-forward desires of their customers.

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