Inditex Launches Secondhand Marketplace in France

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Inditex Launches Secondhand Marketplace in France
Inditex Launches Secondhand Marketplace in France

Inditex has officially rolled out its Zara Pre-Owned platform in France, nearly a year after launching the service in the United Kingdom.

The service aims to extend garments’ lifespan, reduce waste, and lower the consumption of new raw materials. It will give shoppers access to garment repair services for Zara products, including button replacement, seam repairs, and the substitution of closure elements. Customers can track their order status online and arrange delivery at a nearby Zara store.

Customers will also have access to an online marketplace to list their clothes for buying and selling, enabling them to trade items from previous collections. All items will be secured, tracked, and transported by Zara.

In addition, customers can donate their used clothing through an at-home collection service offered in collaboration with Le Relais or by dropping off their clothes in bins placed in physical stores.

Looking ahead, Inditex plans to launch its secondhand marketplace in Spain and Germany in the coming months and other key markets by 2025.

“We firmly believe that innovation is essential for the development of a circular future, so we actively work together to find and scale solutions to shape a more sustainable value chain,” said Paula Ampuero, head of sustainable development at

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