Our mission is to dig deep and explore the ongoing evolution of fashion and retail through data and insights.


The problem we solve

The news media industry at large has lost its focus on offering readers a meaningful and distraction-free experience.

News and media platforms are today overloaded with third-party ads, and valuable content is often inaccessible behind paywalls. 

Ads, for one, are annoying and a nuisance to readers, leading to quicker exits, higher bounce rates, and lower domain authority.



We focus on the power of content and storytelling

We focus on what readers want – engaging and meaningful content. For us, delivering on that expectation means writing interesting and thoughtful stories.

We complement our content with powerful visuals that draw the readers in and help deliver an optimal experience. 

At Retail Bum, we also focus on eliminating all the BS. No ads. No paywalls. Just good content – free of cost.

Why now? Why Retail Bum?

The retail landscape is undergoing a sea change, with consumers’ evolving shopping preferences, as well as macroeconomic trends upending the industry.

With the landscape becoming more complex by the day, industry executives need access to fast, reliable, and accurate news on the go.


Our loyal and engaged readers

Our audience today includes c-level executives and middle management from Meta, TikTok, Alibaba, Amazon, Cartier, Lululemon, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Moncler, and more. We also have a growing readership of executives from small to medium-sized businesses.

"What a great and simple article from Retail Bum outlining growth marketing vs storytelling marketing to drive growth."


Our content opportunities

News briefs – Spill the tea but keep it brief. We offer our readers news updates in an easy-to-read and short format. 

Long-form – When it comes to in-depth feature pieces, we focus on writing compelling content which is snackable yet rich in details. A perfect opportunity for partnering brands to get the word out and establish themselves as thought leaders in the retail space.

Newsletter – We distribute a daily newsletter featuring fresh content that keeps our readers on the pulse.

Media distribution – From Google News and LinkedIn to Instagram and Medium, we distribute our content across proper channels at the right time to get the most relevant eyeballs.

Our distribution and presence

We are intentional with when and where we distribute our content. Today,  you can find us via our daily newsletter, Google News, Medium, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

Our packages

Pricing exclusively available for 2023

Pilot (new clients)

1 month

1 feature story
1 news brief
3 newsletter placements
Media distribution


2 months

2 feature stories
1 news brief
4 newsletter placements
Media distribution


3 months

2 feature stories
2 news briefs
5 newsletter placements
Media distribution


12 months

12 feature stories
Unlimited news briefs
Unlimited newsletter placements
Media distribution

Think of us as your in-house communications team

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