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A Gentle Yet Effective Way To Whiten Your Teeth With Listerine

A Gentle Yet Effective Way To Whiten Your Teeth With Listerine

A Gentle Yet Effective Way To Whiten Your Teeth With Listerine

I’ve never been a fan of whitening strips. I could never do it. Nothing about the process is appealing to me, so, therefore, I don’t do it. If you’re the same, keep reading.

While whitening strips have never appealed to me, that doesn’t mean white teeth aren’t a priority. They very much are. I just prefer obtaining my pearly whites in a more regimented but effortless way. If you can relate or simply find whitening strips or any other alternative teeth whitening methods more daunting than ever, check out my go-to – Listerine’s Healthy White Vibrant Mouthwash.

How and why it works

Personally, if I can make something a part of my everyday routine, I’m more likely to stick with it. Therefore, I’m more likely to see results. At least that’s the idea I have in my head. In order for something to work, it either needs to become a form of habit or come in a subscription form. That said, opting for something gentle enough to use every day but also easy on the wallet while still being effective was something I was totally game for.

And through consistent use, the Listerine enamel-safe formula can effectively whiten teeth without damage. The mouthwash goes to work right on contact and works to provide whiter teeth in just five days (results vary per individual) while also preventing cavities through the use of sodium fluoride.

A Gentle Yet Effective Way To Whiten Your Teeth With Listerine
Listerine’s Healthy White Vibrant Mouthwash

The routine

In order for the mouthwash to work, it really needs to become a part of your routine. So I’ve incorporated the mouthwash into my morning routine but as the very last step of my 3 step teeth hygiene process.

First, I brush my teeth. Duh. But after brushing, instead of heading straight for my whitening mouthwash, I opt for Listerine’s Cool Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash instead. Why? Personal preference. I prefer an antiseptic mouthwash to kill germs and bad breath. I’m not sure if there’s any science behind it, but I feel like the more the mouthwash burns, the more it’s working (insert shrug emotion here).

And shortly after that, using my first mouthwash, I’ll finally go ahead and reach for my Listerine’s Healthy White Vibrant Mouthwash to keep my teeth as white as possible. I’ll use as directed and swish “vigorously.” After rinsing, I’ll also refrain from any foods and liquids. I’ll then repeat the process right before bed.

Listerine’s Healthy White Vibrant Mouthwash
Listerine’s Healthy White Vibrant Mouthwash

This is a routine I repeat every single day, seven days a week – and it’s been a regimen that is not only easy to stick to, but the entire process is safe, gentle and incredibly effective.

How much does it cost?

Don’t worry; it’s absolutely affordable. At most stores, online and in-store, you can expect to purchase your own bottle of Listerine’s Healthy White Vibrant Mouthwash for just about $7, which is phenomenal compared to Crest’s Whitening Strips which can retail anywhere from $30-$40 a pop.

For anyone looking for a more regimented yet effortless and cost-effective way of obtaining pearly whites, giving Listerine’s Healthy White Vibrant Mouthwash a try is definitely worth a try.

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